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Where Aggies go for Health.

Visit the Health Center for regular checkups and Urgent Care, the Wellness Center to start a proactive approach to taking care of yourself and the Dietitian to start a nutrition plan.

Health Center   Wellness Center   Nutrition

Health Center

Utah State students, their spouses, and their dependents can receive certain medical and professional services.


  • Appointments and Lab: 8:30-4:30, M-F
  • X-ray: 2-5, M-F
  • Physical Therapy: 8:30-6, M-F
  • Summer 8:30-4:00 pm, M-Thu   8:30- 2:00 pm, Friday

Wellness Center

The Student Wellness Center’s mission is to assist students, staff, and faculty in the development of life skills necessary to enhance their personal wellness and ability to be successful in the five areas of life which are: Physical, Mental/Emotional, Social, Economical, and Spiritual.


The USU SAAVI Office provides safe and confidential counseling, advocacy, and information to ANYONE at USU who is a survivor of or has questions about sexual assault, rape, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, hate crime, hazing, etc.


The USU Wellness Center has a registered dietician, Brooke Parker, who works with students to create nutrition plans that fit their needs. Other services such as Grocery Shopping 101, cooking classes, and more are available.

Graduate Student Health Insurance

Find information on qualifications for health insurance and how to enroll or waive health insurance, which must be done each semester.

Graduate Student Health Insurance

Ask a Professional

Submit a question or comment to the Health Center. Diagnoses will not be given over email

Submit a Question

Help a Loved One

Learn more about easy, actionable ways you can be there for someone who is going or has gone through abuse or sexual assault.

Help a Loved One


The Wellness Center and SAAVI both have opportunities for students to get involved. Gain experience while you help others by being a peer educator or helping facilitate events or campaigns.

Wellness Center Volunteers

SAAVI Volunteers