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Student volunteers are the heart of our program and provide the key to our success. They are able to reach out to their peers, faculty, staff, and community members better than anyone else.

Volunteer Groups

Three student volunteer groups operate out of the Student Wellness Center:

  1. Peer Educators
  2. A.T.O.D. (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug) Facilitators
  3. S.A.M.'s (Student Athlete Mentor's)

In addition, we have various opportunities for students from different fields to get internship/practicum experience in our office.

Students facilitate small classes for judicially mandated or other interested students on the issues involved in alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Topics discussed include values clarification, media literacy, understanding your personality, costs of substance use/abuse, the Five Areas of Life, the stages of addiction, and more.

Commitment Details

Facilitators are asked to attend a weekly team meeting to get training for the class, support in tough situations, and practice being a facilitator. In addition, an extended one to two day training is provided once or twice a year. Volunteers need to be able to commit to 4 or more hours a week. Course credit is available.


To apply to be an A.T.O.D. Facilitator, stop by our office located at the Student Health and Wellness Center, and pick up an application.

Please Visit Utah Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Laws:

In addition to the three volunteer groups, we also benefit from the talent of interns/practicums from a variety of departments. Credit is available for Management and Human Resources, Health Education, Family and Human Development, Social Work, Psychology, and other interested majors.

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to select some areas of focus from the wide spectrum of wellness issues. With some guidance from our staff, you will research, develop, and implement programs of your choice. In addition, you will be asked to participate in some of the volunteer groups or other activities already run by the Student Wellness Center.

Being an intern in the Student Wellness Center will provide you with the opportunity to focus on areas that will help you grow both personally and professionally and prepare you for the hands-on work of your career choice. Approval and sometimes, credit, must be gained through your college advisor.

Peer Educators plan and implement health campaigns on a variety of topics in the Five Areas of Life. They also plan and deliver educational presentations all over campus on these same issues. This includes teaching about substance use/abuse, stress management, travel safety, healthy relationships, and sexual health, which focuses on making value and principle based decisions, STD information, date/acquaintance rape information, and much more.

Commitment Details

Volunteers are asked to attend a weekly team meeting to talk about upcoming events, make plans, and prepare for presentations. Volunteers are able to commit anywhere from 2 hours a week to as many as they would like. In addition, an extended two day training once a year is also attended.


To apply to be a peer educator, stop by our office located at the Student Health and Wellness Center, and pick up an application.

Student athletes function as mentors to incoming freshman and transfer athletes, helping them make a positive adjustment to collegiate life while strengthening commitment for substance free athletic programs.

Commitment Details

S.A.M.'s are asked to attend two weekend retreat trainings, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. S.A.M.'s need to be able to commit to 3-5 hours a week for mentoring time with the new athletes and for preparation/training. They must be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior athlete who are recommended by their coach, a current S.A.M., or other administrator to participate. Credit is available.


If you are interested, talk to Amber Rae Childers in the Athletic Department or Ryan Barfuss in the Student Health and Wellness Center.

Additional information is on USU Athletic's Student-Athlete Mentors web page.

Benefits of Being a Volunteer

  • Meet new people
  • Gain valuable skills and experience (teaching, social, leadership, etc.)
  • Help others
  • Making a difference
  • Change your own life
  • Learn teamwork
  • Get involved with campus activities
  • Have a fulfilling service experience
  • Learn to enhance your Five Areas of Life
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Looks great on your resume
  • Have fun!