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Utah State University offers an insurance policy through First Underwriters. The plan is underwritten by United Healthcare insurance company and is compliant with the Affordable Care Act.


Download Student Health Insurance Brochure

Becoming Insured

Brochures, including applications and Insurance/RX (prescription) cards are available at the Student Health and Wellness Center, 850 East 1200 North.

Insurance Plan Details

The Insurance plan has a $250.00 deductable. You will be required to pay a co-pay (co-pay amount depends on the type of services received off campus). Plus 20% of the balance for services received downtown (off campus).
  • Office visits co-pay: $30.00 co-pay
  • Emergency Room visits co-pay: $250.00 co-pay
  • 20% of the balance for services received off campus when you use the IHC/Beechstreet Provider Network of doctors and hospitals*
  • Prescriptions rendered “medically necessary” will require a $15.00 co-pay for generic medications and a $30.00 co-pay for name brand medications
*A list of providers is available online through Beechstreet.

Gynecology Services

Student Health Services has a gynecological service for annual exams. (This includes routine physical and pap smear only).

Covered benefits include care provided by hospitals, specialists, ambulance, prescription, maternity, surgery and other medically necessary care off campus as defined in the brochure.

Current Insured Students

All insured students are expected, but not required, to use the Student Health Center first before going to a physician off-campus. This allows us to treat medical conditions much less expensively and keeps our insurance premiums much lower. Due to this requirement, this insurance plan is available for Logan campus students only.

If you have an emergency and/or the Student Health Center is closed, please go to one of the urgent care clinics or one of the emergency rooms in the community.

If you were covered last Summer and have paid premiums for Fall Semester by the enrollment deadline, existing covered conditions will roll over with continuous coverage.

USU Student’s Health Insurance Provider
An insurance brochure is available at

Toll Free at 1-800-505-4160

Contact at USU Student Health and Wellness Center
(435) 797-1660 or email to