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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Student Health Service is to provide basic medical care with outpatient, primary care, pharmacy, laboratory and health education services to the students at Utah State University in a convenient environment.

What We Do

The Student Health Center provides a convenient and cost-effective resource for health care for students at Utah State University. A staff of physicians and advanced-level providers (FNP and PA) is supported by a well-trained staff of nurses, pharmacists, a laboratory technologist, and a health educator to provide care for day-to-day illness, first aid, and to monitor and provide care for more chronic illness, should the need arise. Additionally, the Health Center has responsibility for administering the Student Health Insurance Policy.

How Do We Measure What We Do?

  1. Patient Surveys. A patient survey is given, randomly, at intervals throughout the year. These are compiled and reviewed at our staff meetings. From this information, trouble spots are identified and staffing is adjusted to reduce waiting times or solve other problems.
  2. Peer review of medical care. Approximately 10% of medical charts are reviewed, randomly, and 100% of charts from patient complaints are reviewed by a physician. The review process includes assessment of the completeness of the medical record as well as appropriateness of problem assessment and medical care delivery and medications prescribed. (Confidentiality: Peer review material is prepared confidentially pursuant to Utah Code Annotated Section 26-25-1 et. seq. and 58-12-43 (7,8) and is not for external publication.)
  3. Internal measurements. On a daily, weekly and monthly basis, the numbers of visits to physicians, nurse practitioners, PA’s, nurses, pharmacy, laboratory, and health educator are monitored. Information regarding the most frequent diagnosis and most frequent procedures, by provider, is used as an indicator of utilization, as well as for quality improvement. It is also used to direct practitioner continuing education needs and equipment acquisition.
  4. External measurements. As a CLIA level II certified laboratory, the Health Center laboratory undergoes both daily and quarterly quality controls. Each lab test is accompanied by both positive and negative control samples on a daily basis, and quarterly external quality control samples are processed. The results, maintained in a quality control log book, are used to indicate accuracy in the testing of clinical specimens.
  5. Monitoring student Feedback. We listen and respond to students comments, whether delivered personally, or through comments to University administration. The Health Center periodically holds focus group meetings where students give face-to-face feedback regarding the services received from the Health Center. Student comment sheets are available upon request.

Current Dashboard Measurements

Parameter Measured Value Comparision Values
Current Month Last 12 Months Date Last Measured Last Month Last Year
Health Center Visits 739 12275 05/05/2008 12000 344534
Physician Visits 1511 12335 05/05/2008 1511 11875
X-rays Studies 11 244 05/05/2008 48 220
Laboratory Tests 999 16230 05/05/2008 1999 15348
Prescriptions Filled
Time to next Appointment Same Day 05/05/2008 Same Day
Key: = Same or Better; × = Worse