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Health & Wellness Assessment

Mission Statement

The Student Health and Wellness Center's mission is to provide primary medical and mental health services to the USU student body. We also assist students, staff, and faculty in the development of life skills necessary to enhance their personal wellness and ability to be successful in the five areas of life which are: Physical, Mental/Emotional, Social, Economical, and Spiritual.

Vision Statement

Health & Wellness is every student's first choice for health care and health education. We are a primary resource within the university community for health care, education, wellness information and consultation, and play a central role in managing any public health issues that affect the campus.

Core Values

As an organization, we value:
Evidence Based care practices

  • Excellent, nonjudgmental customer service
  • Respect for all cultures and ethnicities
  • Open communication between providers and patients and between staff
  • Education and training for students and staff
  • Collaboration with and support of campus academic/service units
  • Positive relationships with the state and local medical organizations
  • Fiscal responsibility and equitable use of resources
  • Continuous quality improvement throughout the organization
  • Integrative team approach to care

Health & Wellness Definition of Wellness

Wellness is a state of being, evolving from a way of living, that helps individuals achieve their highest potential through the integration of all components of their lives. Included are physical, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, occupational and economic components.

Health & Wellness Philosophy

Health & Wellness views students and other members of the USU community as whole and dynamic individuals. We are sensitive to how the components of our lives impact our health and well-being. We encourage personal responsibility for achieving and maintaining wellness. Our approach not only assists in the process of healing, but also provides information and care to maintain and enhance well-being according to individual needs and desires.

Health & Wellness realizes the environments in which we live and work also impact well-being. This means our efforts to support wellness for the individual must include working to create a healthy community that supports the well-being of its members.

Our goal is to optimize wellness, now and for the future.

To assist in reaching our stated mission, the Student Health and Wellness Center will:

  1. Increase quality of care
  2. Increase patient satisfaction
  3. Increase awareness of services
  4. Increase awareness of mental health services
  5. Provide timely services

(Objectives and Learning Outcomes)
Assessment Tool
Data Source
Timeline Responsible
Map to
Division Goals
Health Center
Increase Quality of Care
2017 Fall satisfaction survey All Patients Fall 2017 Brian Merrill Goals 1 and 7
Health Center
Increase Patient satisfaction
2017 Fall satisfaction survey All Patients Fall 2017 Brian Merrill Goals 1 and 7
Increase Awareness of Services
Outreach Outreach Events 2017-2018 Ryan Barfuss Goal 5
Health and Wellness
Increase Awareness for Mental Health Services
2016/2017 mental health Data Review Electronic Medical Records Reports Fall 2016 vs Fall 2017 Katelyn Richins Goals 1, 7 and 8
Health and Wellness
Provide timely services
Data Analysis Electronic Medical Records Reports 2017-2018 Katelyn Richins Goals 1, 3, 6 and 7

2016,2017 mental health resource usage date review.

Fall 2017 Patient satisfaction survey

Weekly provider meetings for the purpose of establishing treatment protocol, peer review and addressing shortcomings in patient care.

Biweekly meetings with front office staff and nursing staff for the purpose of improving patient care and convenience.

The ACHA-NCHA II and Utah State University supports the health of the campus community by fulfilling the academic mission, supporting short- and long-term healthy behaviors, and gaining a current profile of health trends within the campus community.